Ok this might sound a little funny as I’ve been writing this blog for so long but I’ve never really post any actual blog..I know…I’d say I have never been a big writer or a reader. I’m much better at learning things visually by following what others do. That’s even the way I learned to cook from my grandma and my father.

The reason I’ve stop posting for so long is my depression and my new friend anxiety. There are times when the voice in my head keeps telling me to stop doing things cause it’s not good for anyone, but after awhile of no cooking, going back to eating meat, I’ve started feeling sick and just want to be like everybody else because it seems “normal”.

I got myself into veganism and vegetarian for 3 years and then another half a year being pescetarian. I’ve gone back to eating meat for around a month now. I’m obese, allergic to a thousand things and also have a lot of stomach problems. Now I think I’ve found the perfect combination with my life. This year is about self love and I’ll stop labeling myself. I’m now focusing on eating as much veggies as I possible can, watching my intake of dairy, and keeping my meat consumption to a minimum. One day when I’m ready I’ll get back to being a vegetarian again.

But not to worry, I’ll keep on sharing & creating new vegan, vegetarian and might be some other clean food recipe, as it’s my passion and it makes me happy! So here we go..enough rumbling, check out my new vegan mac and cheese recipe, it really surprised me what plants can do and it’s amazing how tasty this recipe can be without any dairy.